State of the Art Technology
Bio Turbo is a patented technology for cleaning the air from all sorts of airborne organic compounds. Bio Turbo effectively removes ethylene gas (to prevent premature ripening), bacteria, mold spores and viruses. What differentiates Bio Turbo from competitors is its affordability and the ease of maintenance making it a great solution for commercial applications.

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Since we started using Bio Turbo system there has been a large reduction in ethylene levels which has brought the levels down to a level below our target.

Nature’s Way Foods (UK)

We noticed the absence of defects such as spoilage, mold, grape berry cracking, stem browning, etc. Also reduced susceptibility to shatter (loss of berries from the cap stem).

Pedregal SA (Peru)

The maintenance cost of the Miatech Bio Turbo units is less than 10% of the cost of maintaining the old units, and they are just as effective in controlling ethylene and airborne pathogens.

American Fruits and Vegetables company (NY, USA)

Bio Turbo Applications


Growers and Distributors


Processing Plants


Packing Houses