What is Bio Turbo?

Bio Turbo is a patented state of the art technology for removing ethylene and airborne pathogens (including mold spores and viruses) from the air.

What are the applications for Bio Turbo?

Bio Turbo will be beneficial anywhere where there’s a need to clean air from ethylene and/or airborne pathogens; most common applications are listed here:

How does Bio Turbo work?

Bio Turbo uses the power of ozone to destroy ethylene and airborne pathogens.  There are numerous publications confirming the effectiveness of ozone on bacteria and ethylene

Is ozone safe for humans?

Ozone in high concentrations can irritate eyes and respiratory system, potentially causing damages.  Therefore exposure to ozone is not recommended.

Why is Bio Turbo safe for humans?

Bio Turbo only uses ozone inside the ozone chamber. Ozone never leaves the Bio Turbo unit. Bio Turbo incorporates a safety switch preventing the risk of ozone leaks (ozone generation is automatically stopped when equipment is not functioning properly).

What maintenance is required for Bio Turbo?

You will only need to replace air filter and ozone plates once per year (in case the air is dusty air filter might need to be replaced more often).  That’s it, no other maintenance necessary.

Are there any competitors that use ozone to remove ethylene?

There are many but not like the Bio Turbo.  These competitors actually spread ozone throughout the storage facility.  While this can be successful, there are many concerns about generating enough ozone to be effective, while keeping low enough levels not to be dangerous.  Bio Turbo is different because it uses very high concentrations of ozone inside the reaction chamber, making it really effective to destroy ethylene and airborne pathogens but at the same time it doesn’t let any ozone out making it completely safe for humans working inside the storage facility.

What is ethylene?

Ethylene is a natural hormone produced by fruits and vegetables, it facilitates ripening and decay.  Although this is natural, it’s highly undesirable when produce shelf life is one of the key factors determining business profitability.

Which produce items are most sensitive to Ethylene?

Examples of produce items that are more sensitive to the effects of Ethylene gas are apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots, cauliflowers, cucumbers and kiwi. The fact is that most fresh fruits and vegetables is in some degree sensitive to Ethylene.

Are flowers sensitive to ethylene?

Yes.  Flowers are sensitive even to low concentrations of ethylene.  That’s why it’s important to protect it from natural levels of ethylene commonly present  in ambient air (in addition to fruits and vegetables, the other common source of ethylene are internal combustion engines).

Is Bio Turbo effective against existing molds?

No, Bio Turbo will not eliminate existing molds. However it will clean the air from mold spores and thus will prevent mold from spreading.

What Bio Turbo models are available?

There are four Bio Turbo models – Bio Turbo 6000 for large storage facilities of up to 200,000 cubic feet (6000 cubic meters), Bio Turbo 1000 for cold rooms of up to 35,000 cubic feet (1000 cubic meters), Bio Turbo 300 for cold rooms of up to 10,000 cubic feet (300 cubic meters) and Bio Turbo 100 – for walk-in coolers and refrigerated trucks.

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