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Creating cleaner environment.
It’s hard to disagree with the fact that prevention is favored over reliance on corrective actions. And there’s where Bio Turbo comes to play: cleans air from airborne pathogens, prevents cross contamination and promotes a healthier environment.




Minimize Contamination
from Airborne Bacteria

Many experts observe that airborne contamination is strongly suspected as the cause of some pathogenic contamination including bacteria (e.g. Lysteria monocytogenes) and various kinds of molds. Compared to water and dirt, air probably is a less of a threat to produce safety, but threat remains a threat and eliminating it is of the utmost importance.

Bacteria-IconBio Turbo effectively reduces contamination threats by cleaning the air from airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

Protect Produce Quality

The other issue is maintaining a good quality of fruits and vegetables intended for processing. While in cold rooms waiting to be processed, fruits and vegetables are a subject to damaging action of ethylene and airborne pathogens. Ethylene induces premature ripening causing discoloration, softening, and faster aging; pathogens promote rot and mold development resulting in higher percentage of produce not fit for processing.

Bacteria-IconBio Turbo helps to prolong shelf life of stored produce by removing ethylene from cold rooms. Learn more about Bio Turbo technology.


Customer Comments

The Bio Turbo models installed by Miatech have been an invaluable addition to our operations. We are pleased with the efficiency of Bio Turbo and we appreciate the results we have had so far.

Natures Way Foods, United Kingdom

Superior Design

Bio Turbo uses power of ozone, a well-known technology applied in a completely unique way.

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