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Proper refrigeration is an absolute necessity for protecting quality of fruits and vegetables, but it’s not enough. Taking additional actions is necessary too.



Stop Premature Ripening

Premature ripening characterized by softening and color changes is one of the primary causes of lowering commercial value of fresh fruits and vegetables, in some of the cases leading to the point when produce is no longer marketable. The chief reason for premature ripening is ethylene gas; it triggers and promotes ripening process for ethylene sensitive produce like apples, tomatoes, or avocadoes. Removal of ethylene gas from cold rooms is critical for preventing premature ripening and prolonging shelf life of stored fresh produce items.

Ethylene-IconBio Turbo employs a patented technology for removing ethylene gas from cold rooms and thus significantly reduces the risk of premature ripening.

Prevent Mold and Bacterial Contamination

Another quality threat oftentimes leading to fresh fruits and vegetables waste is pathogens contamination. Mold spores and bacteria float in the cold room air remaining active for prolonged periods of time, waiting for favorable conditions. Neutralizing this contamination threat largely relies on cleaning the air from pathogens.

Bacteria-IconIt’s relatively easy to with Bio Turbo. Bio Turbo’s cell destruct filter pierces cell walls making a preemptive strike against molds, bacteria and viruses. Learn more about Bio Turbo technology.


Our Customers Share

Our company imports fruits and vegetables from all over the world and supplies them to supermarkets in Thailand.  We are known for providing the highest quality and the freshest fruit in our country and we are doing our best to keep it this way.

Ethylene and Airborne pathogen control was one of our major concerns.  We therefore installed a Bio Turbo 1000 in each of our cold rooms.  Three units in total. We have noticed a significant improvement on the lifespan and the quality of the stored fruits. Specifically the apples stay firm for much longer time, the grapes do not soften that fast and there is less shatter (their berries do not fall from the stem).

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Superior Design

Bio Turbo uses power of ozone, a well-known technology applied in a completely unique way.

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