Packing Houses

Confidence in quality of each box.
Produce starts deteriorating as soon as it’s placed in the harvesting bin. From now on it cannot get any better; it’s a race against time to preserve natural quality as best as you can and this race starts in the packing house.




Minimize Pathogens Contamination

Tiny bruises and damages to fruits and vegetable are unavoidable, and this is an opening gate for contamination with mold spores and various bacteria. Spoilage is hard to notice because in most of the cases produce doesn’t stay in packaging house for long enough. In fact it’s the consumer whose expectations of shelf life and produce quality are not met.

Bacteria-IconBio Turbo cleans the air from mold spores and other airborne pathogens, creates safer environment and reduces threat of bacterial contamination.

Slow Down Natural Ripening Process

Another way to prolong produce shelf life is removing ethylene gas which is responsible for premature ripening. Ethylene gas is a natural ripening hormone, it induces aging process resulting, among others, in discoloration and produce softening. Although the production levels vary for a particular commodity, fruits and vegetables produce ethylene continuously, so the rule of thumb is to use ethylene removal equipment wherever refrigeration is in use.

Bacteria-IconBio Turbo effectively removes ethylene and significantly delays premature ripening, effectively prolonging shelf life of fruits and vegetables.


Our Customers Share

The systems are installed in our cold rooms where we store grapes, we can see good results, it helps with the firmness of the fruit, equally we noticed the absence of defects such as spoilage, mold, grape berry cracking, stem browning, etc.

Pedregal, Peru

Superior Design

Bio Turbo uses power of ozone, a well-known technology applied in a completely unique way.

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