Because wine integrity matters.
Maintaining wine integrity is tough. It relies on many factors which need to be strictly controlled. Among these factors are proper bacteria control which has tremendous impact on wine quality.




Prevent Mold Challenges

Higher relative humidity, typically present in wine barrel storages, creates favorable growing conditions for molds. It results in extra man-hours necessary for cleaning walls and barrels, as well as poses significant threats to wine quality by impacting its taste and introducing unwanted odors.

Bacteria-IconAvoid these threats by introducing Bio Turbo. Bio Turbo will effectively clean the air inside wine barrel storage from all sorts of organic matter, including mold spores, airborne bacteria and viruses.

Reduce Evaporative Losses

In a typical storage area without humidification, approximately four gallons of wine evaporate from a standard barrel each year. It’s possible to cut this loses by controlling humidity inside barrel storage which wasn’t always possible due to potential bacterial contamination.

Bacteria-IconWith Bio Turbo it’s not a challenge any more. It’s possible to set desired level of relative humidity without having to worry about possible challenges with mold or bacteria.


Superior Design

Bio Turbo uses power of ozone, a well-known technology applied in a completely unique way.

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