Better protection for transported perishables.
Breaking cold chain is highly undesirable: an hour without refrigeration can result in days of lost shelf life. Same applies to ethylene and airborne pathogens control.



Eliminate Ethylene

Ethylene is a natural hormone that promotes ripening and premature decay in fruits and vegetables, all resulting in loss of quality and a shorter shelf life. Many companies make attempts to eliminate ethylene in refrigerated containers by using disposable filters or tubes based on potassium permanganate as an ethylene absorption medium. It does an ok job but its effectiveness depends on human factor: someone needs to remember to regularly replace them, someone needs to make sure filters are in stock and reorder when necessary, and of course someone needs to pay for it on a regular basis.

Bacteria-IconBio Turbo is a good alternative to such filters. One of Bio Turbo models was adapted for usage in refrigerated containers: once installed it can work for years. Unlike filters, Bio Turbo performs consistently well, it only requires attention once per year and overall it’s much less expensive to use.

Prevent Pathogens Contamination

Fresh fruits/vegetables are extremely susceptible to airborne pathogens. One rotten apple can literally spoil the entire barrel. This is especially the case during transportation, when using equipment for maintaining proper conditions is complicated. It’s either not possible due to technical reasons or prohibitively expensive to use. Due to these reasons oftentimes shippers do not use any protection from airborne pathogens, risking the entire loads to mold and rots.

Bacteria-IconBio Turbo effectively reduces the risks of pathogen contamination by cleaning the air from mold spores and airborne bacteria. Infection will not be able to spread from contaminated items to healthy ones.


Superior Design

Bio Turbo uses power of ozone, a well-known technology applied in a completely unique way.

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