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Factors Defining Quality During Storage.


Grape shattering hack

No matter how good a grape tastes or how fresh it looks, it is no longer marketable once detached from the stem. This physiological disorder is called Grapes Shatter and causes up to 20% of losses, depending on the variety. How can such damages be prevented? Here are two of the most neglected factors:

Maintaining high humidity levels (up to 95%) with a suitable Cold room Humidification system, can help the stem to stay healthy and green. A strong stem is much more capable of holding the grapes than a dehydrated brown stem.

Grapes exposed to ethylene will not ripen faster as with other climacteric fruits, but ethylene does cause Grape Shatter. Eliminating ethylene in the cold storage room by using a Bio Turbo system will prevent a significant percentage of shatter.

How a 30% improvement on grape production might become commonplace for you?


Johan Kriegler, CEO of Kriegler Farms based in South Africa, pays a lot of attention to temperature. He harvests his grapes early in the morning and cools them immediately.

Recently, Johan had a 30% production improvement after he installed Miatech cold room humidification and Bio Turbo units.

“We had no quality issues whatsoever this year either locally or internationally. We achieved green stems, no brown stems, no damaging infections of any kind and the shelf life of our product has increased”, he said.

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Is sulphur dioxide the best practice?

For the control of gray mold, caused by botrytis, for storing your grapes.
You need to know that:

• Grapes treated with SO2 cannot be considered as organic.
• While SO2 has low toxicity to humans, it can still cause health issues to people who are sensitive (or allergic) to it.
• It has a short life span. After a period of time the effectiveness diminishes, leaving grapes again vulnerable to fungus infection.

We have a solution to control botrytis in your cold storage rooms that are both affordable and organic. Bio Turbo is chemical-free tool that removes any kind of bacteria, mold spores and viruses from the storage atmosphere.

The 5 most costly factors which reduce grape quality might be removed with one single unit

Miguel Angel Neyra Gallegos, Plant Manager of El Pedregal, based in Peru, shares with us the 5 most common factors that can reduce the commercial value of grapes during postharvest storage:

• mold;
• berry cracking;
• brown stem;
• grape shatter;
• soft berries.

El Pedegral solved all 5 issues with one single unit.
The Bio Turbo is a smart solution that removes any kind of bacteria, mold spores, and viruses from the storage atmosphere. It reduces the susceptibility to shatter and prolongs the moments of grape perfection.

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